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PATF welcomes new staff   



Cait Barton, Marketing Coordinator / AmeriCorps Public Allies Member


Cait Barton was hired as Marketing Coordinator through AmeriCorps Public Allies.  Barton recently graduated from Temple University with her Bachelor's degree in Social Work.  She previously worked as a social worker at Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia, and has several years experience working with individuals living with chronic illnesses.  Originally from Philadelphia, Barton now resides in Pittsburgh, PA. Send an email

Patrick Buehler, Development Associate


Patrick Buehler was hired as Development Associate. Buehler recently completed the Public Health Master's Program at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, with a concentration in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences.  He has previously worked for Planned Parenthood, and has also been involved in various research studies pertaining to HIV and the LGBTQ community. Send an email



Joe Glackin, IT Operations Specialist


 Joe Glackin was hired as IT Operations Specialist. Glackin is an alumni of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and has been working in the IT field for the last 25 years. Glackin was a part of the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force for 13 years prior to his recent return. After residing in Lansdale, PA for a year, Glackin has returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Send an email


Julian McClain, HIV Prevention Specialist / standOUTpgh Program Coordinator

Julian McClain-Hubbard was hired as an HIV Prevention Specialist. McClain-Hubbard attended Robert Morris University and graduated with a degree in Marketing. McClain-Hubbard is a Pittsburgh native, originally from Penn Hills. Send an email


Claire Scheffer, Volunteer Coordinator / AmeriCorps Member

Claire Scheffer was hired as Volunteer Coordinator through AmeriCorps Pittsburgh Health Corps.  Scheffer recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Willamette University.
Send an email


Leatra Tate, Girl Talk Project Coordinator


Leatra Tate was hired as Girl Talk Project Coordinator. Tate received her Master's degree from Point Park University in Clinical-Community Psychology.  She is presently pursuing her Ph.D. in Community Engagement at Point Park University.  Originally from Erie, Tate now lives in Pittsburgh, PA. Send an email


Please join us in welcoming them all!! 



PATF Spotlight:

When pigtails adorned with bows and creating an extravagant metropolis for Ken and Barbie becomes a distant memory, and the reality of life outside the comfort of mom and dads embrace sets in, girls are faced with a multitude of questions about becoming a young woman. Questions such as: When will I find a partner? Am I ready for sex? How can I ensure that I am protected against STI's and pregnancy? Is this relationship healthy?   And the fact of the matter is, not all young women feel comfortable asking these questions to the female role models in their lives for fear of judgment, or merely out of embarrassment.

That's where PATF comes in!

PATF offers two programs specifically designed to address the issues of HIV/AIDS education, domestic violence, and sex education, while also offering various referrals and resources for issues or topics out of our scope! The especially neat aspect of these programs are their design. The Girlfriends Project and Girl Talk parties mirror the structure of a Tupperware Party, where young ladies host the events and are encouraged to invite their young female friends to get in on the fun.

Leatra Tate, the Girl Talk Project Coordinator, and Claire Scheffer, the Volunteer Coordinator, are the two primary staff members conducting these parties for the young women in our community. When asked what typically happens at a Girlfriends Project party or Girl Talk party, Claire stated the following:

"During [Girl Talk and Girlfriends Project] parties, we talk with small groups of girls about HIV/STD prevention, puberty [and] reproductive health, and having healthy relationships. This is done through open discussion on issues relevant to the girls, male and female condom demonstrations, and completion of worksheets. HIV/STD testing is also performed at the request of the host or agency giving the party. The girls are given a backpack with information on getting tested, various condoms of all shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, and materials, and a journal in order to continue writing how she feels on the subject of sex and relationships."

This is a great opportunity for your child, niece, cousin, friend - whomever! - to get their questions answered about safe sex and risk management.

If you are interested in hosting either a Girlfriends Party or a Girl Talk Party, please call us at 412-345-7456 ext. 576 or email 




HIV in the News: 


What the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy means for Black America


"We've come a long way in the fight against AIDS, and we can't let up now," said President Obama.


In 2010, President Barack Obama made history by releasing the first National HIV/AIDS Strategy to provide a blueprint for the U.S. response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Now, five years later, the White House has released an update to the strategy, taking special care to address the unique needs of the Black community.






World Health Organization Pushes Earlier Use of HIV Treatment


The World Health Organization said that anyone infected with the AIDS virus should start receiving treatment as soon as possible, bringing its guidelines into line with recent studies that have found multiple benefits from early treatment.


The new WHO guidelines, released Wednesday, mean that all 37 million people infected with HIV globally should be on antiretroviral drugs, rather than 28 million who qualified under the United Nations' public-health agency's earlier guidelines.



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