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Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force Partners with Animal Rescue League   


Animal Rescue League

Mike Sheets, PATF Food Pantry Coordinator, receives the first shipment of pet food from Levi Hahn, Animal Rescue League Marketing Assistant


Our pets are an endless source of unconditional love and an integral part of our families. This is even more true for individuals struggling with medical issues and the stigma associated with living with HIV/AIDS.


Many of our clients rely on their pets as medically necessary companions to combat depression and loneliness, reduce stress, and increase their exercise and social activity. Pets not only give them companionship and support, but an added sense of purpose that is often lost when faced with the diagnosis of a chronic disease.


Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force and the Animal Rescue League believe in the healing power of unconditional love and have formed a partnership to support individuals living with HIV/AIDS by helping to support the pets that give them that love.


This partnership extends to helping our clients with pets take better care of them, as well as finding homes for pets with clients who desperately need them, but may not otherwise be able to afford them.


You can be a part of this by volunteering, spreading awareness, or donating much needed funds. It is these partnerships with the community that enable us to do what we do. Thank you.






PATF in the News


trib video


Advances in AIDS care diminish public's fears, Pittsburgh group warns


Bill Zlatos  

Trib Total Media


Medical advances to treat HIV and AIDS save lives but may encourage young people to take risks with their lives, a Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force official warns.


Decades ago, the public became alarmed at the sight of AIDS patients with sores and sunken cheeks, said Charles Christen, task force executive director.


"You saw that, and you thought, 'This is something I want to avoid,' " and that gave people incentive to practice safe sex, he said. 


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  health fair badge(2)

Click here to see photographs from our 3rd Annual East End Community Health Fair.






HIV in the News: 


HIV-Infected Youth Need Care Transition


June 24 (Medscape news) - "Transition planning should be a standard part of providing health care for all HIV-infected youth," lead authors Rana Chakraborty, MD, and Russell B. Van Dyke, MD, and the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Pediatric AIDS 2011-2012, write. "A well-planned transition of HIV-infected youth...enables them to optimize their ability to assume adult roles and activities."


Read rest of story here


New HIV Treatment Guidelines to Cut Millions of Deaths


Jul 01 (Medscape news) - The World Health Organization has unveiled its much-anticipated new HIV treatment guidelines. Officials say the new approach will prevent 3 million deaths by 2025 and will stop 3.5 million new infections.



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