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It's Giving Tuesday!


Each year, PATF conducts more than 2,000 free and anonymous HIV tests, linking newly diagnosed individuals to the care and essential services needed to stay healthy, happy, and less likely to transmit the virus to others.


By finding new infections and re-engaging those infected who have been lost to care, PATF is helping bring down the rates of new infections. By finding and supporting those infected with HIV, we are preventing new infections and we can't continue this without your support.



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You do not want to miss this event. If you've never experienced a vogue house ball event, they are a feast for the senses. This is a World AIDS Day event and goes to benefit the minority populations that make up the house ball community.


Ticket pre sales end Friday, December 6.


Get your tickets now!




A Fresh Look at the PATF Food Pantry



Michael Sheets, Food Pantry Coordinator

One of the many services offered here at Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force is our food pantry! Food products, nutritional supplements, and personal care items can go a long way in improving the quality of life for people living with HIV. It also offers us a great opportunity to spend some time with our clients on a regular basis. We get a chance to talk about people's lives and making healthy life choices while providing people with things they want and need. People should be able to access good nutritional choices no matter there income. Our food pantry is an important part of our larger strategy to support those living with HIV in Southwest Pennsylvania.


The PATF Food Pantry is open five days of the week, closed only on Thursday and Saturday. Clients visit the food pantry once a month, where they choose from a selection of meat, cheese, produce, and canned goods. In additional to food items, nutritional supplements and personal care items are also available, which is not the case for most food pantries. Case managers also deliver groceries to rural areas and to those too ill to visit the pantry themselves.


Michael Sheets, food pantry coordinator here at PATF, enjoys forging relationships with repeat customers. "The most exciting thing is that, after we have built our trust with each other, I am able to encourage them to make healthy and nutritious choices both inside and outside of our food pantry." Fresh fruits and vegetables can be hard to find clients living on extremely low, fixed incomes with many economic hardships. In September alone, the PATF food pantry served 591 bags of food to 196 clients across southwest Pennsylvania.


Hunger and food insecurity affects many people, especially those with medical conditions that require daily attention. With recent cuts in food stamp programs, more individuals and families will be left making tough decisions about where their money should be spent. Choosing between food and medication is not a decision anyone should have to make. We want people to concentrate on being healthy and making healthy decisions and our food pantry is one of the many ways we work towards that goal.


Food Pantry Hours are:


Sunday: noon- 4 PM

Monday: noon- 4 PM

Tuesday: noon- 4 PM

Wednesday: 3-7 PM

Friday: noon- 4 PM


Interested in getting involved? Contact Michael Sheets, Food Pantry Coordinator at 412-345-7456 ext.566 or






HIV in the News: 


Pittsburgh man with AIDS 'slipped through cracks'


By Mackenzie Carpenter / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


When the first World AIDS Day took place a quarter of a century ago, the AIDS epidemic was in full roar. Ryan White was a household name. Gay men, women and minorities were dying every day, ravaging once vibrant LGBT neighborhoods in New York, San Francisco and other urban areas. Dentists were starting to wear latex gloves to protect themselves from infection. References to safe sex, Kaposi's sarcoma and HIV were all over the news.

Read rest of story here


In Pittsburgh, more education urged about AIDS and HIV

By Janice Crompton / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Life in the U.S. for those dealing with an HIV infection is a much different place today than nearly three decades ago, when Clarisse Jordan was diagnosed with the virus that causes AIDS.


At the tender age of 16, Ms. Jordan of East Liberty contracted the disease, which used to be thought of as a death sentence.



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